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The website was established to create a home for the family information of the Holtzhausen family in South Africa. Much work still has to be done on the website. Everybody's help is required to update the information in the genealogical register and to rectify incorrect and incomplete data.

The following variations of the spelling of our surname have been discovered in official documents, but more may exist :

Holshausen, Holshauzen, Holshuisen, Holshuysen, Holshuyzen

Holsthausen, Holsthauzen, Holsthuisen, Holsthuizen, Holsthuysen,

Holthausen, Holthuizen, Holthuysen,

Holtshausen, Holtshauzen, Holtshousen, Holtshuysen, Holtshuyzen,

Holtzhausen, Holtzhauzen, Holtzhuisen, Holtzhousen, Holtzhuysen, Holtzhuyzen,

Holzhausen, Holzhauzen and Von Holtzhausen.

More information about this subject at a later stage.

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